Triple Bill + Film

Moreno Perna


Joseph Simon

Jonas Frey & Joseph Simon

In Theater a / d Rijn you can enjoy a special program in which everyday forms merge with the extraordinary.

Jonas Frey and Joseph Simon create with Infinite Games an unusual world by exploring the endless forms of hip-hop battle. Driven by curiosity and hunger for movement a surprising conversation in dance arises.

The rest of the program centers around gender roles and sexuality. The solo performance XYX by Moreno Perna leads us from a clichéd woman’s image to an androgynous creature. Through humor and mystery Körper | Körper brings a contemporary question to the surface, which the dancers approach in a personal but universal way. Finally, get lost in the enchanting dance film Le Faune about voyeurism, intimacy and sexyness.

We will soon announce the rest of the context program. Keep an eye on the site or sign up for the newsletter!

Film program