Double bill + film + essays

Connor Schumacher

Fernando Belfiore

Sandman/Sabine Molenaar

On Friday Connor Schumacher invites the spectator into the futuristic digital mirror-paradise Transitioning Performance. Afterwards Fernando Belfiore dives into his handmade universe of psychedelic projections of vaporwave images and manipulated objects in his performance installation The Cave. Prior to that you are welcome from 7pm onwards in the research installation of Katja Heitmann and the improvisation installation of Sandman/Sabine Molenaar.

Especially for Moving Futures Pop Up Cinema presents an evening dedicated to Dance & Film. How do you actually make a good dance film? And do you make them together or alone. We are talking to professionals from the two fields. We bring choreographers, dancers and filmmakers closer together.

Dance & Dare is the writing course for creative writers who dare to look for new words for dance, by Domein voor Kunstkritiek & DansBrabant. The writers read from their most adventurous essays and give an exciting preview of Edit this Post, so that visitors can work with this tool at the end of the evening. Edit this Post is collaborative writing in real time. In this interactive discussion, the audience writes a critique of the evening together. Everyone can contribute!


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