Openingshow + diner


Jonas Frey & Joseph Simon

Fernando Belfiore

After witnessing the performances of the opening of Moving Futures festival in Groningen, the theatre will never look the same again. The choreographers will transform the space completely. In 25Feet two dancers share the floor with the audience for an investigation into ‘personal’ and ‘intimate space’. The two b-boys Jonas Frey and Joseph Simon create a playground in which possibilities are endless. They create a joyful interplay based on the many possibilities of a hiphop-battle in the duet Infinite Games. Fernando Belfiore invites you into the live installation The Cave in which psychedelic atmospheres, colors, paradisiac images, animations and objects are live manipulated and represented on screen.

Prior to the performance you can join for a Moving Futures meal (from 18.00).
More information about this program follows.