Triple bill + installations

Moreno Perna

Igor Vrebac


Karel Tuytschaever / BARRY

On the closing Saturday the central topics are gender and sexuality. Karel Tuytschaever puts the world of male sex workers against that of a dancer. The male and female are exposed by Igor Vrebac and composer Tonny Nobel in the hypnotic sexy ritual (TRÆNS). Moreno Perna also leads us from a clichéd woman’s image to a more androgynous perspective in his solo XYXNEON Collective invites you into a world of gays and cyborgs – fusion of man and machine – through smooth transitions and heavy dancing.

Prior to this evening program you can go to Slippery slopes for golden heels from Hilde Elbers at 5 pm, an adaptation of the Catholic Stabat Mater to dance performance. Just outside the busy shopping area Hilde and her powerful dancer Judit Ruiz Onandi play this duet at the end of the afternoon in a church. NB: for this performance you buy a separate ticket of 5, -, free access on showing your festival passe partout.

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