Against the Wall – Paula Chaves

Against the Wall  is a performative slippage from the horizontal to the vertical plane via climbing techniques, dance, video & sound. Various technologies such as screens, billboards, canvases, political propaganda & borders use walls as their site for existence. The wall embodies not merely an interface for indirect communication between (non)citizens, but also a lubricant for social (non)interaction and an effective medium for consolidating power structures in the public realm.

Duration: 15 min



Paula Chaves is a choreographer sculpted by the Modern dance scene & Latino barrios of New York, the independent Contemporary dance & Circus scenes of Bogota, the D.I.Y. Queer movements of Berlin & the Post-dance and QueerPOC -people of color- communities of Amsterdam. She obtained her degree in Choreography at SNDO -school for new dance development- in Amsterdam, city in which she now works as freelance artist, activist and teacher.

In her research Paula re-appropriates & embodies popular culture aesthetics & technologies while inter-waving, exposing &/or juxtaposing it with social critic, gender theory & post-colonial narratives.


Concept: Paula Chaves, Music Composition: Nadia Bekkers, Made Possible by: Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, Cultuur Ondernemen, Dansmakers Amsterdam & Ateneu Popular 9 Barris – Barcelona