Cinedans Exclusive Filmprogramme

As partner of Moving Futures, again Cinedans put together a special dance filmprogram. The program is based on the different themes and subjects of the performances in the festival. Shorter and longer films from different choreographers and directors are screened.

Films travelling with the festival

ZERO-G – Director: Jannis Lenz – Austria, Germany, 2016, 10′: In an almost weightless manner a group of tracers moves through the big city. Poetry slammer Fatima Moumouni voices the youths’ attitude towards life.

MULTIDENTITY – Director: Tycho Hupperets – Choreographer: Tycho Hupperets The Netherlands, 2015, 5′ :A playful approach to the emergence of identification through movement and clothes.

THE PERFORMER – Director: Michael Gugger – Choreographer: Amy Gardner – USA, 2017, 5’: The Performer explores the curiosity of the human spirit through a powerful dance performance and point-cloud animations.

CARGO – Director: Jasmine Ellis – Choreographer: Jasmine Ellis – Germany, 2017, 4’: Five people playing with reality in a cargo lift. The camera is the witness. An intriguing one-shot dance film that questions the reality of everyday life.

BEATING – Director: Kari Sulc – Choreographer: Tereza Hradilkova – Czech Republic, 2014, 6’: An observing camera and rhythmic editing transform an every day box training into an unexpected dance ritual.

YOUR APPROVAL IS NOT ESSENTIAL – Director: Leen Michiels – Choreographer: Elena Kostić – The Netherlands, 2017, 12’: A coincidental meeting in the supermarket surfaces an unexpected passion. An ode to what happens when you let go of your inhibitions and star.

Film program