Let’s weave our findings together

Sandman/Sabine Molenaar

Under the name of Sandman Sabine Molenaar creates imaginative performances, films and installations in which the associative logic of dreams reigns and in which  characters transform. In her next film and duet Sabine enriches her own associations with those of her audience. She investigates which language of movement belongs to this. In this improv installation Sabine uses her body as a sort of organic processing system for lingual input from outside. Every word is received and consumed with a ritual concentration. In this way she explores the richness and personal coloring of abstract concepts such as silence and tranquility, but also that of fear, uncertainty and doubt. With Sabine’s body as a compass, we transcend the boundaries of our thoughts. Or as Sabine says herself:  “Welcome inside my associative brain. I hear your input. You see my transformation?”