Ten young people share the stage and show each other’s perceptions in front of the eyes of the audience. Until then, there are two totally different worlds in which these 18-25 year olds live their lives. The 5 young men have been in contact with justice and have recently regained their freedom. The 5 young women study to become professional dancers, they work for that 24 hours a day and will graduate this year. The heart of this special project consist of the thoughts, questions, impulses, doubts and desires of the boys. The dance helps us find a new language to see each other better: softer, opener, with confidence.

is a layered social-artistic project, questioning fixed patterns and structures. It is the first project in a series of choreographer Guilherme Miotto and social worker Amine Mbarki under the name of their new foundation Corpo Máquina. The last weeks they worked together with five ex-detained boys and five nearly graduated dancers from Fontys Dance Academy. In the studio there was plenty of room to experiment and learn from each other. The presentation on the opening night of Moving Futures brings people, worlds and perspectives together, both on stage and in the audience, who do not necessarily meet each other.


Choreography: Guilherme Miotto
Youth worker: Amine Mbarki
Dramaturgy: Moos van den Broek
Set design:
 Erik van de Wijdeven
Soundscape: Joel Ryan
Production: Corpo Máquina
In coproduction with: 
R-Newt, DansBrabant and Fontys Dance Academy