In Search of a Title

Evangelos Biskas V & Elysia Mc Mullen

In Search of a Title presents an everyday world where magic and the inexplicable is part of the routine.  Evangelos Biskas V, Elysia McMullen, Isaac Poels and Ruben den Brok work with sound, motion and improvisational techniques inspired by the surrealists. They rely on their impulses and instincts to experience freedom in their performance, leading to humor, absurdity and originality. In Search of a Title was made as the result of the Moving Forward Trajectory.


Choreografie, Creation, Performance: Evangelos Biskas & Elysia McMullen
Co-creation and Performance: Ruben Den Brok & Isaac Poels
Dramaturgy: Juriaan Achthoven
Coaching: Eddy Becquart
Light design: Raoul Baeten
Producter: Dansmakers Amsterdam
Co-producer: Dansgroep Amsterdam & DansBrabant via PLAN*
Moving Forward Coaching: Suzy Blok, Heleen Volman & Kristin de Groot
Supported by: Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Dansgroep Amsterdam & PLAN*
Made possible by: United Cowboys, Dansateliers, DansBrabant, De Nieuwe Oost, Young Artfund Amsterdam