Slippery slopes for golden heels

Performance on location. Gather in the hall of Theater De NWE Vorst at 4.45 pm. Together we will walk to a small church in Tilburg!

The Medieval Latin poem Stabat Mater, which became part of Catholic liturgy, describes a mother’s immense grief for her son who died for the sins of mankind. The poem was reason for choreographer Hilde Elbers to explore the concept of original sin more closely and critically. The original message is unambiguous: in order to get back to the Garden we need to redeem ourselves.

In Slippery slopes for golden heels Hilde gives a powerful no to that original idea of guilt. No to the eternal testimony that emerges from it and the compelling thoughts we have made ourselves slaves of. In an equally ritualistic as earthly duet two dancers recapture their place, the right to just be: sensual but blameless, cruel and soft at the same time. Peeling off petrified layers like old skin that falls off,  tearing loose old habits and constraints as if they were too tight suits. Why penance? What remains is the joy of trust and unprejudiced femininity.

Returning we must
To origin of trust
So here we stand
cleaning from skin
redemption of sin
To belong here and now

to resist
to exist.
to absolve
to regain purity
to regain

On location

Part of: Stabat Mater project
Choreography: Hilde Elbers
Dance: Hilde Elbers & Judit Ruiz Onandi
Sound: Natasja Giebels
Dramaturgy: Anne Marije van den Bersselaar
Production: DansBrabant, Theaterfestival Boulevard & B-Motion Festival, Bassano del Grappa (IT)