The Cave

Fernando Belfiore

The live installation The Cave is a layered dialogue between performance, recording and projection. Fernando Belfiore plays with present trends. He explores projection as a medium to give a forecast of a future situation. Psychedelic atmospheres, colors, paradisiac images, animations and objects are live manipulated and represented on screen. As a live DJ for his own dance, he plays with the ambiguous engagement of the vaporwave subculture against consumer capitalism and popular entertainment.


Concept, Choreography and Performance Fernando Belfiore Outside Eye Charlot Van der Meer and Vincent Riebeek Light, Video, Sound & Text Fernando Belfiore Artistic Advice/Field Coaching Suzy Blok Video Effect Jeremy From AlexEtJeremy Set collaboration Maaike Fransen Creation support by Residencies of Beam Lab, Dansmakers & EAD with thanks to José Fernando Peixoto de Azevedo Production Dansmakers Amsterdam, DANSCO PR Ruth Verraes Production Dansmakers Joppe Kos