The Roof- Moha

The Roof is both an artwork and a practice: a nomadic multiform device that challenges one’s relation to the city. Born from the desire to create a space to come, be -and act –together with people you usually don’t meet, the Roof questions what it takes and means to cooperate. Discussing, holding The Roof, sharing a meal, dancing, listening, learning: actions that can’t be sustained and maintained without the others.


The Roof is an ongoing walking performance and is performed on and around Dansmakers Podium and Foodmarket



On location

Moha is a familiar living element that grows almost everywhere, often in damp or shady locations. Besides all kinds of functions, it also forms itself into an artistic collective, operating in the public space of Amsterdam for over five years. Moha gets inspired by the many different hearts of the city: how people make and use their living environment. In the context of Moving Futures, they will hold their Roof for two days in search of local heroes