Transitioning Performance

Connor Schumacher

Enter Transitioning Performance: a colorful world of visuals, music and movement that feels like a futuristic mirror funhouse. In this magical universe the spectator takes the place of the performer and is slowely detached fromfrom existing structures, value systems and thinking patterns.

The three dancers are constantly connected. Schumacher’s work [Transitioning Performance] takes you into a colorful world and cheesy music in which the dancers’ performance is serious, but occasionally turns into a parody. As soon as the bell rings and the music stops, they go all out; a primal instinct takes over that pushes them to their limits […]Theaterparadijs read more

Transitioning Performance is created by Connor Schumacher. During Moving Futures Festival he presents the work-in-progress before its première during Motel Mozaïque Festival in Rotterdam (19-21 April).


Concept: Connor Schumacher
Performance: Christopher Tandy, Orla McCarthy, Nicolas Coutsier
Light design, technique: Edwin van Steenbergen
Dramaturge: Maaike Schuurmans
Teaser: Hester Postma
Production: Dansateliers
Made possible by:
Fonds Podiumkunsten / Nieuwe Makersregeling
Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds / Fonds Danceworks Rotterdam
Gemeente Rotterdam