Moreno Perna

Where XX and XY, the two sex chromosomes which distinguish a man from a woman, become fluid, is where Moreno Perna’s show XYX comes into being. His one-man play leads us from the clichéd image of a woman as a sensual body to an androgynous creature. Moreno believes that ‘gender’ cannot be deconstructed, only transcended, and in that zone a fluid sensation is created that goes beyond the division between what is male and what is female in our culture. Rather than a message to the spectator, it is a gentle appeal to everything that is both male and female in the spectator.


Moreno performs an exaggerated character that goes beyond the common image of the woman. He uses projections of images about our historical vision on the  cliché female sex. Representations of female nudes in art history altered by images of women who show their own body. The famous vagina of Gustave Courbet comes by as well: L’Origine du Monde. The over-constructed image of femininity appears later. Following the example of the American transgender model Amanda Lepore, he presents ‘the perfect woman’. The cameleon and the Moon in the slide series function as a symbol for the spiritual and biological transformation of the character into the new and alien sex: the Androgynous.



Choreography Moreno Perna Performance Vortex X Voice Alexander Chapman Text Erich Lutz , Moreno Perna Production Love at first sight Festival, Dansmakers Amsterdam Residency Troubleyn / Jan Fabre Production manager Marieke van Bueren Light design Raoul Baeten Dramaturgy Edith Cassiers Supported by Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst

Special thanks to: Troubleyn / Jan Fabre, Mark Guerden, Miet Martens; Suzy Blok / Dansmakers Amsterdam, Pole Dance Factory Amsterdam, Tatjana Van Onna, Juul De Metz; Love at First Sight Festival; Hildegarde Devuyst.