PRESS RELEASE Moving Futures 2017

16 December 2016


Moving Futures Festival 2017
The most leading young choreographers of this moment, from the houses of Dansmakers Amsterdam, Dansateliers, DansBrabant, De Nieuwe Oost and Random Collision.

As of January 25th, 2017 the contemporary dance festival Moving Futures again travels through the Netherlands. The festival presents the most prominent young artists of the moment connected to the five Dutch dance houses Dansmakers Amsterdam, Dansateliers, DansBrabant, De Nieuwe Oost and Random Collision. In eight different theaters throughout the country the audience gets a peek behind the scenes of a new generation of contemporary dance makers.


Geisha’s Miracle – Jija Sohn Photo: Thomas Lenden

Personal encounters
More than 12 different performances from a diverse selection of makers with different backgrounds travel along with the festival. The latest generation presents itself from its most personal side. Current themes like identity, authenticity, relationships and time form the starting point for the honest and bold works.

In Geisha’s Miracle by Jija Sohn three Asian dancers invite the audience into their exotic world, a visual and musical landscape, shiny and blue, obedient and perverse. The work is derived from the question on how cultural diversity can be transformed into universal values in order to get to the core of a human experience. For Joseph Simon his cultural background is also a starting point for performance. In Third Culture Kid he unravels, entangles and reinterprets the elements of the diverse cultures and languages he embodies.

Lana Čoporda is balancing on the border of acceptance and resistance in ZOOM, Hestia and Sheela na gig in which she examines the representation of women in everyday life and the nowadays media. Just like her Igor Vrebac struggles with stereotypes in his direction debut Macho Macho. Here he puts the masculine beauty to the test. When can a man show his vulnerable side?

Hilde Elbers confronts herself and the audience with the straitjacket of expectations that we put on ourselves, and the constant pressure we force upon ourselves. In Circles Cecilia Mosio and singer Ineke van Doorn try to oversee their own feelings about criticism, anxiety and emotions.

Relations are further examined in O O O O O O O by Giulio D’Anna. In this dance musical eight young performers share their most personal experiences about broken relationships and damaged intimacy. Jefta Tanate and Aida Quirro Salinas dance Nautural. Aduet in which the dancers can not seem to go together but at the same time need eachother in order to get in motion.

The relationship between man and time is portrayed in a monumental way by Jasper van Luijk in The Definition of Now. The question is whether we are capable of shaping the way we experience time. Also the installation (SHIFT) by Inari Salmivaara makes you think about our experience of time. It takes you to far away places and invites you to experience a momentary feeling of weightlessness.

A journey through nowadays dance
During Futures Moving Festival the public will, in addition to the performances, get a peek behind the scenes of contemporary dance. With interactive introductions, crash courses, aftertalks and meet & greets you will discover what precedes a performance and what a spectator means for the development of an emerging choreographer.

The complete program will be announced around December 23rd.
Moving Futures Festival 2017

25 – 27 January
Theater De NWE Vorst

2 – 5 February
Theater Bellevue
Dansmakers Podium

9 – 11 February
Stadstheater Arnhem
Theater aan de Rijn

23 – 25 February
Rotterdamse Schouwburg

15 – 17 March

8, 9 April
Grande Theater

20 – 22 April
Theater Kikker

19 – 20 May
Schouwburg Odeon

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Moving Futures is an initiative of Dansmakers Amsterdam, Dansateliers, DansBrabant, Generale Oost and Random Collision.