About the fusion of Science and Dance

18 February 2019

Lisa Reinheimer spoke with Kirsten Krans, Director of Random Collision, for Dansmagazine, about the fusion of science and dance. How can art and science really inspire each other?

‘Science will always find answers where art doesn’t need to give them, because it is an experience that shows our perspective is a Starter to thinking. Art and science have so much to offer each other. ‘ Allows Krans. ‘ How dance affects social relations, we now dive into the question of brain synchronisation. How does it work and how can we stimulate it? In order to examine that we create a travelling laboratory in which we connect during Moving Futures scientific  and motion research. It is an experiment and performance all in one.’

Read the full article Vijf jaar trial & error in the first issue of Dansmagazine 2019



View here the complete list of performances of the experiment Notes on Synchrony at Moving Futures. A collaboration between Random Collision & Rijksuniversiteit Groningen