5 questions for… Jesús de Vega

28 February 2019

Jesús brings his Choreopop to the festival. The name says it all, in this work he is fusing a pop concert, music video and choreography to a visually spectacular whole.

Some things you did not know yet:



What is indispensable during your work?

”Honesty, connection, trust.”


What do you prefer doing after a long day of work?

”I really like the moment when I leave the studio (or office, depending on what I had to do that day) and can walk in the streets on my own, in silence. It´s a moment to gather my energy and re-connect with myself. Listening to music is another thing I love doing.”


What do you want to tell/communicate to people?

”I am always trying to create beauty out of my subjects that can be difficult to confront. I guess my message is one of hope, regardless of the circumstances.”


What is your guilty pleasure?

”I don´t really feel guilty for enjoying something. If it gives me joy and does not hurt anyone… why feel guilty?”


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

”In a calm place. In a nurturing environment. At peace.”


Next stop of Choreopop is Groningen. Find here the whole playlist.