5 questions for… Judith Clijsters

30 April 2019

Today we ask Judith Clijsters everything.


What is indispensable during your work?

”At the moment it seems to me that looking for a contrast in how we relate to ourselves and each other. Strength and energy are absolutely essential in my movement language, but also softness and harmony. A deep collaboration with a composer or sound artist is very important. But the most important and yet always challenging is: trust, trust, trust! ” What do you prefer doing after a long day of work?


What do you prefer doing after a long day of work?

”Most of the time I am starving, so I like to cook – if I still have energy left – and take a walk to be alone and let everything sink in.”


What do you want to tell/communicate to people?

”Most of the time it is an invitation to a moment of self reflection. Without pointing fingers. I am looking for enough space to breath in my work to relativate immidiately. But part of the motive is to encourage us to really be who we are.”


What is your guilty pleasure?

”To go salsa dancing for hours by myself! Complete meditation!”


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

”On the move anyways and I would like to be in the company of inspiring people/colleagues.”


With her performance Bored to Death, Judith Clijsters can still be seen at the Moving Futures Festival in The Hague on 2 May, Nijmegen on 17 May and in Amsterdam on the 22nd of May.