5 questions for… Leon Franzke

6 May 2019

This spring we ask all the makers 5 questions. Today it is up to Leon Franzke.

What is indispensable during your work?

”Safety! Only a well educated and trained body can find creative capacity in extreme physically challenging situations. Only in a studio that feels safe, surrounded by open and kind colleagues I can find creativity in the sensitive and crucial topics we are working on. Usually my work relates directly and personally to my own inner being.”


What do you prefer doing after a long day of work?

”I like to spend time with my wife or drink a beer. Outside my artistic work in NL I like a simple, rustic way of living and staying in touch with myself my family and nature.”


What do you want to tell/communicate to people?

”Sometimes I want to tell people to shut up. The world is already very fast and loud, we would do good to take time and listen.”


What is your guilty pleasure?

”Everything you want to imagine. But my drugs will never be more than coffee, cigarettes, alcohol and movement. I would get lost, I tend to do things in the most extreme way possible.”


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

”I will still be dancing and teaching and traveling. I will probably have children and I might already be creating a new cultural institution in northern Germany. A place where artists work and exchange, residences and performances and classes. The Dwarsdriewer Performing Arts Festival (Noer, may 2019) I am organizing is a first step into that direction. I always want to continue learning, experiencing, trying, exploring, challenging. Nothing will be static, everything continues developing.”


The performance ”Körper” with Leon Franzke and Nanna Jensen tours with the Moving Futures Festival. For more information and dates check  https://movingfutures.nl/en/program/korper/