5 questions for… Lois Alexander

11 April 2019

Lois Alexander is going on tour right now with the Moving Futures Festival, but did you know this about her?



What is indispensable during your work?

”Discovering the pulse within that connects me with a larger thought or idea; it lands differently with each work.”


What do you prefer doing after a long day of work?

”I like to listen to relaxing music, like Sade.”


What do you want to tell/communicate to people?

”I would like to communicate with people that we are parts of a whole being that involves many contrasting colors, even contradictions… it is in our great interest to fully express them creatively.”


What is your guilty pleasure?

”Chocolate + peanut butter”


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

”At a high point of my dancing and creating career”



Lois Alexander is in The Hague on the 2nd of May with her solo performance Fading Fire.