5 questions for… Tony Markus Sacharias

26 April 2019


What is indispensable during your work?

”Self – research within a system.”


What do you prefer doing after a long day of work?

”Produce more work and powernaps.”


What do you want to tell/communicate to people?

”I Don’t have an answer for that. My own work becomes more and more autobiographic, which I like to share with those who care. Each work will have its own purpose. In general, I wish just to share what comes from within. it’s up to you how to reflect.”


What is your guilty pleasure?

”Making selfies, when you feeling cute”


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

”Feeling more confident (as a human being and as an artist) and enjoying life even more with my loved ones and surrounded by loads, loads, loads of cats.”


You can see Emotional Porn – Exhibition of the self with Tony, Keren Rosenberg and Nicola Cavalazzi at the Moving Futures Festival in The Hague on the 2nd of May.