Körper / Chameleon

Joseph Simon


In Tilburg we celebrate spring, dance, food, film and word, from the streets through the garden to the great theater hall. DansBrabant complements the program of exciting performances with equally exciting installations, a test-session / talk show and essays-with-balls. Southern hospitality!

Your festival ticket is valid for the entire program from 7 pm and can be purchased via the website of De Nieuwe Vorst.

Programme Friday:
Starter: 17u-18u  The100Hands – SHOW ME (PLEASE NOTE! ON LOCATION! Try-out in DansBrabantDepenDance, Goudenregenstraat 15-07, Tilburg)
18u – 19u Meal with Artists. Sign up via this form. 
19u – 20u Talent Talks: Dance & Film with Ramón Gieling & Pim Veulings
20u30 – 21u10 NEON – Körper
21u10 – 21u40 BREAK with:
Eleni Ploumi – Wax Me Apart
21u40 – 21u50 Dance&Dare video essay
21u50 – 22u20 Joseph Simon – Chameleon
Continuous programme: Cinedans film programme, Dance&Dare Expo, Vloeistof dance film installation

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