Day 1 Moving Futures

Lois Alexander

Rosenberg, Sacharias & Cavalazzi

Hilde Elbers & Heather Ware

From 7-9 February Stadstheater and Theater a/d Rijn in Arnhem will be all about contemporary dance. Experience three days of shows, talks, dance movies and pop-up performances.

The first day of Moving Futures 2019 takes place in Stadstheater Arnhem. This day you’ll be suprised by pop-up performances in the foyer by De Arnhemse Meisjes and movies by Cinedans. Enjoy the virtual experience of Emotional Porn – Exhibition of the Self, watch the solo’s of the well known dancers Heather Ware (LeineRoebana) en Hilde Elbers (o.a. Conny Janssen, T.r.a.s.h.) and take a peak at work-in-progress from Lois Alexander.

In Theater a/d Rijn a practice-led seminar will take place: ‘The significance of the body in performance’, for students and (dance)professionals.

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