HEROES / Choreopop in Zwolle

Igor Vrebac

Jesús de Vega & Chai Blaq / Loulou Elisabettie

The 20th of June Zwolse Theaters will be all about contemporary dance. Experience an evening full of shows, talks, dance movies and pop-up performances.

In HEROES Bosnian-Dutch artist Igor Vrebac examines the strength of the female body with three superb women. They are driven and swept up by the energetic beats of composer Tonny Nobel to test their bodily endurance. How powerful is a woman without losing her strength?

Choreopop is a choreographed music album, a hybrid between a dance performance, a pop music concert and live video-clips. Musician Chai Blaq and choreographer Jesús de Vega collaborate in this multidisciplinary project with the aim of merging two disciplines and their creative processes.

In collaboration with Cinedans there will be a cutting-edge program of dance movies. More information about the side programme will follow soon.

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