Körper / Lullaby / Notes on Synchrony


Annemijn Rijk & Piet Van Dycke

Random Collision & University of Groningen

From 16-18 May LUX in Nijmegen will be all about contemporary dance. Experience three days of shows, talks, dance movies and pop-up performances.

On this last day NEON questions the unconscious way most of us live our lives in Körper (winner Amsterdam Fringe Award 2018). Lullaby is a danced, contemporary lullaby that focuses on the current millenial problem: the idea that life should always be fun. You will be taken along by two millenials and their dynamic, acrobatic duet in a slightly absurdist world in which this problem is explained. And in the living laboratory of Notes of Synchrony the audience witnesses the collision of two very different disciplines exploring the same phenomenon: inter-brain synchrony. This combination of brain- and movement research is a collaboration between Random Collision & the University of Groningen.

In collaboration with Cinedans there will be a cutting-edge program of dance movies. More information about the side programme will follow soon.

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