Day 3 Nijmegen: Körper / Lullaby


Annemijn Rijk & Piet Van Dycke

From 16-18 May LUX in Nijmegen will be all about contemporary dance. Experience three days of shows, talks, dance movies and pop-up performances.

On this last day NEON questions the unconscious way most of us live our lives in Körper (winner Amsterdam Fringe Award 2018). Lullaby is a danced, contemporary lullaby that focuses on the current millenial problem: the idea that life should always be fun. You will be taken along by two millenials and their dynamic, acrobatic duet in a slightly absurdist world in which this problem is explained.

In collaboration with Cinedans there will be a cutting-edge program of dance movies. More information about the side programme will follow soon.

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