Notes on Synchrony / Heroes / Choreopop

Random Collision & University of Groningen

Igor Vrebac

Jesús de Vega & Chai Blaq / Loulou Elisabettie

On March 16 and 17 we research the relation between neuroscience and debate at Grand Theatre in Groningen. Can we increase our mental connection by dance and movement? In a multi-discplinairy dance program we show how different disciplines clash, connect and sometimes even merge.

Program Saturday March 16

Notes on Synchronity (Random Collision & RUG)

In this living laboratory of brain and movement research, the audience witnesses the collision of two very different disciplines exploring the same phenomenon: inter-brain synchrony.

Igor Vrebac – Heroes

In this tribute to women the Bosnian-Dutch artist Igor Vrebac examines the strength of the female body.

Jesus de Vega + Chai Blaq – Choreopop

A choreography as a music album where body and voice become inseparable.

Tickets available from January 28  at Grand Theatre Groningen

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