What is real – What is fake?

From 11 to 13 March, you’ll experience the universe of dance in Theater Kikker with a daily interactive and diverse Moving Futures festival program.

In these two stunning performances on Wednesday March 13, fake and digital is the new real. Bored to Death is an intuitive representation of master observer Judith Clijsters about the extensive fitness and health culture. And in Emotional Porn: Exhibition of the Self, the solid threesome Keren Rosenberg, Tony Markus Sacharias and Nicola Cavalazzi, invite you to examine the influence of constantly being online in a combination of dance and an audiovisual art installation. You can bombard them with questions at the end.

And did you know that brain waves can be synchronized during a debate? In the afternoon (16:30) the Kleine Zaal is the location of the living laboratory Notes on Synchrony, a collaboration with the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

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