Cinedans comes with an extensive filmprogram

16 December 2016

As partner of Moving Futures, again Cinedans again gave form to a special dance filmprogram. The program is based on the different themes and subjects of the performances in the festival. Shorter and longer films from different choreographers and directors are screened in one program or as part of the theatreprogram. A glimpse of what the filmprogram in Moving Futures 2017 offers:

Tarikat | Jasmijn Schrofer, The Netherlands 2015
This visual poem shows Derya’s quest during an intimate ritual part of the Islamic Sufi tradition. Here it comes to breath, rhythm and movement. In trance, the participants melt into a single whole.


Gleiggewicht / Keeping Balance

Gleiggewicht / Keeping Balance | Bernhard Wenger, Austria 2015
Denise visits nearly every day the Viennese Prater amusant park to take some rides in the electronic Tagada carousel. The experience helps her to get over her difficult past.

Gone is a humorous little thriller that gives us an unusual insight into one man’s journey into dance of live. Who is he? What is he doing there? Past and present seems to be his friends. What if someone spent the day at your home in your absence? Would we ever know?
Direction: Helena Jónsdóttir, Vera Sölvadóttir
Choreography: Helena JónsDóttir

The Battle |  Sophie Hexter & Poppy Walking, 2016
Kayah Guenther is a young artist struggling to find his place in the world. Born with trisomy 21, he narrates his story through dance. A highly stylised and darkly evocative portrait, set to an original score, THE BATTLE explores themes of identity, power, passion and despair.

Cinedans on tour
Next to the four-day festival Cinedans on Screen in Amsterdam, Cinedans selects and curates special dancefilmprograms for different festival, including Moving Futures and other cultural events. Buiten het vierdaagse festival Cinedans on Screen in Amsterdam stelt Cinedans voor diverse festivals. This way a selection of dancefilm can travel throug Holland and abroad.

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