Edit this Post

27 January 2017

The first edition of Edit This Post is a fact. Six visitors settled after the performance behind their laptop and prepared themselves for a shared conversation about the performance Geisha’s Miracle. The first texts were written carefully, researching the tone of voice to use. In answers and responsive to each other’s input, little by little the other visitors as well got an impression of how the performance was received.


Soon the texts of the Edit this Post from Thursday 25 and Friday 26 January will be online on www.editthispost.com


Do you want to join the next edition of Edit this Post? The next edition will take place in theater Bellevue on Thursday 4 and Friday 5 February during Moving Futures Amsterdam.

For more info mail to Lisareinheimer [at] domeinvoorkunstkritiek.nl


Edit this Post

With Edit this Post, the word is to you, the audience. We give you more than 140 characters and real people to make this conversation.

In this interactive, virtual talk, led by Domein voor Kunstkritiek, the audience writes and speak out jointly about various performances.  At the end the result of the joint work will unroll straight from the printer and can be read online. With this handy tool thoughts, associations, feelings and ideas of spectators from the various cities become visible at once.

Want to join? Contact Lisa Reinheimer in advance ( lisareinheimer [at] domeinvoorkunstkritiek.nl).
Half hour before the show all participants will come together for an introduction. Participating is free with a valid entrance ticket for the evening. Participants need to bring their own tablet or laptop.