Five glorious premieres

24 January 2019

 Throughout the country you can see five glorous premieres during the festival. Quickly find out more about them!

Sophie Mayeux wrapped with Die Verwandlung the evolutionary process of life in shimmering and creaking reflective coatings on survival blankets.

8.02, 20:00, Theater aan de Rijn in Arnhem >>>.


In Rotterdam, the festival festively starts with the premiere of Panflutes & Paperwork by choreographer Ingrid Berger Myhre and composer Lasse Passage. A hilarious duet about dance and music.

20.02, 19:30, Theater Rotterdam >>>


Later on that same evening you might get to see two premieres, Chameleon of Joseph Simon and BLUR #1 by Ibon Salvador Bikand. It is the result of an exchange project between Dansateliers in Rotterdam and Arts Center Zentroa Azkuna in Bilbao (Spain).

20.02, 21:00, Theater Rotterdam >>>


 In Amsterdam two historically separated bodies come together in Not on this Earth, brought by an Israeli and Lebanese performance artists Keren Rosenberg & Charlie Prince.

22.05, 20:00, Dansmakers Amsterdam >>>