Four stars for TREMBLE in De Volkskrant

17 February 2020





Annette Embrechts wrote for de Volkskrant about TREMBLE: “four springy bodies navigate through white space. They build an architectural work of art, an invisible map that dissolves as soon as it is ‘drawn’… Footwork jumps rhythmically and ingeniously – this is where the percussionist shows himself. And they keep the ecstasy precisely in check.”

We asked Andreas what dance or what this performance can tell the audience: “I hope that dance becomes a force that takes you without an explanation. It is there to move you so you can understand what it is for you to be in movement. And in this piece, the invitation is to allow yourself to feel the tremble of being in movement. My interest lies into creating a space that is familiar yet open enough to find the space and time to reflect, to imagine. It’s amazing how our thoughts unblock and travel when we are in movement.”


Andreas received the Moving Forward Trajectory for his graduation work The City, a skipping piece (School for New Dance Development 2018 – AHK). He summarises his artistic work under the notion of distances as relational, physical and metaphysical. He is fascinated by what is considered similar or different between bodies, traditions and disciplines, and works with the field of tension between them. In 2019 he received the Young Artsupport Award Amsterdam.

He keeps on skipping at Moving Futures through The Netherlands, together with performers Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen, Antonia Steffens, Charlie Laban Trier.


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On 18 February TREMBLE can also be seen in Amsterdam. Dans op Dinsdag, Theater Bellevue >>>