20 January 2020

This year there will be extra attention for Hope and how the artists on tour give it a contemporary interpretation.

“Hope as an indestructible human value, indispensable to be able to face the future in the first place. Hope not as a passive and perhaps naive trust, but as an active and decisive cherishing of human values and possibilities, the hope of a new generation of makers”.
Heleen Volman, DansBrabant

“At a time when the world seems to be on fire, Moving Futures chooses ‘hope’ as its theme.” Frans van Hilten interviewed three makers on the theme for DansMagazine (to be published 14 February), including Kim-Jomi Fischer & Marta Alstadsaeter about the performance As Much As It Is Worth (photo). “We play with small differences, looking for a point where we are both in balance. …Marta is quite small and I’m quite big. How do you find a physical equivalency when you’re so different? … the element of hope is in that we’ve managed to make it work.”

Also Ruben Chi, with the performance Moving Sounds on tour with the festival is talking. He prefers to speak of faith in yourself rather than hope. “With hope, you put your faith in something uncertain. If you want to achieve something in the scene where I come from, you go all the way and put your faith in yourself.

Annemijn Rijk certainly recognizes hope in her creation and refers to her inspiration for the dance film Re: Born: ‘how a giraffe falls three meters down at birth. The first thing the beast does is get up’.

Andreas Hannes, cited Hope during an interview with Jacq. Algra for Het Parool about his new performance Tremble:

“Maybe that’s also the effect on the viewer who sees us making endless skips. That he remembers his own childhood and at the same time sees that it is something of a group, of us together. We are all constantly in transition, we can cross boxes. Our identity, just like the dance, is always in motion. In that sense, this is a choreography of hope.”


In many performances, hope returns in the form of a powerful appeal: to believe in the body (Annemijn Rijk), to unite (Ruben Chi) or to pray for freedom from the social restrictions of gender, nationality, colour and religion (Keren Rosenberg). This ancient theme is given a contemporary coat.


As Much As It Is Worth – Marta & Kim
– Andreas Hannes
RE: Born
– Annemijn Rijk
Moving Sounds
– Ruben Chi

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