Hybrid creatures and rescue blankets at the première of Die Verwandlung

20 December 2018

During the opening weekend of Moving Futures Festival 2019 in Arnhem, the (extended) piece Die Verwandlung (Sophie Mayeux) will première in Theater a/d Rijn in Arnhem. Sophie Mayeux explores in this new performance the evolutionary process of the species using bright golden emergency blankets.

After the short version of Die Verwandlung, Sophie Mayeux (Choreography Award 2016) stayed fascinated by the possibilities of this material. The blankets and performers shape hybrid creations at the borderline between dance and theatre. The emergency blankets are used as a medium in order to trace the different transformation processes, starting from the creation of the first landscapes and seascapes to post-human creatures. She is inspired by the boundaries of the ‘real’ body and all the different ways the human body can transform.

Exploring this rescue blankets she developed the wish to also use this material for the promotion material of Die Verwandlung, which led to a new kind of research using different printing techniques.

Die Verwandlung drukwerk

Friday the 8th of February Theater a/d Rijn will be all about contemporary dance. Learn everything about the making of Die Verwandlung during the aftertalk, watch Exhibition by Connor Schumacher, be amazed by pop-up performances in the foyer and exchange opinions about the works at the feedback stand. More info here.