Moving Futures is the festival where you will experience dance of the latest generation of makers in all its forms. The festival brings innovative dance in a rich festival programme to the theatre in your neighbourhood, at exciting locations in the city or online. The seventh edition is set to travel to nine cities in the Netherlands between 1 April and 5 June 2021. Let yourself be surprised by today’s involved, cheeky and barrier-breaking dance makers and performers.  

In 2021 we put our festival on the scale of resilience. In the reality of the COVID-19 crisis, we experienced that the physical proximity of bodies is an unabated part of the urge for connection and solidarity. A kind of urge and importance that cannot simply be destroyed – but bounces back when you try to suppress it. In today’s knowledge, the dance makers of Moving Futures are without doubt nothing less than the embodiment of human resilience. The future moves them and its moving the future.

Moving Futures is initiated by Dansmakers Amsterdam, Dansateliers, DansBrabant, Random Collision en De Nieuwe Oost.