Q&A with Annemijn Rijk

18 April 2021

Annemijn Rijk talks about her choreographic approach and her new piece Last Resistance


What was the inspiration to create Last Resistance?

My main inspiration to create my work is by sharing intimate, personal experiences and stories. Stories which we often try to hide or are afraid of sharing. My way of finding these stories is by being radically honest with myself, or I invite others to be radically honest with me. About 1,5 year ago I noticed I have a coping mechanism which has to do with escapism. I invited myself to be radically honest about it, started to dig into it and slowly developed the concept for Last Resistance.
Last Resistance became a performance about how sometimes, especially when we’re younger, our only way to survive is by escaping, physically or mentally. About how certain experiences can be locked up in our physical bodies, and can splash out, later in life. And about how some coping mechanisms, if not recognized as such, can become addictions and hinder us, instead of helping us. I took inspiration from my personal experiences and developed it into a more universal story for a young man.

How was the work-in-progress and how did you work with your collaborators?

The creative process was an educational and a big joy! I work with dancer Blazej Jasinski and we both decided to completely devote ourselves to the process. There were no limits. Blazej and I never worked together, so we had to “find” each other in the beginning. We’ve searched for ways of how to physically tell a story without making it obvious or clownish as well as how we could have Blazej interact with the female voice, without having her be present on stage. We found a key in breathing, limited use of space, exhaustion, listening and focus. Blazej’s input was a big and valuable part of the proces. It feels like we created something that came out of my head, found home in his body and we carry together.

How would you describe this piece in comparison to the rest of your work?

I think creating this work was a chance to dig deeper into my practice and find new ways of how I’d like to use the body for communication. New about it is the use of the texts, that I wrote for the performance. The minimal yet explosive movement quality is something that lines up with what I’ve created before. This work is a quite dark piece, mixed with layers of absurdity, humor and hope. This multiple layered working is something I’d like to keep exploring.


What can the audience expect before watching Last Resistance?

Last Resistance is a live performance and we’ve tried our best to capture it on camera. The screen creates some distance to the performance, but the camera also allowed us to zoom in really closely on the performer’s body, creating an intimate sphere. To the audience, I’d say: Take your time to get into the performance, and once you’re in, let it take you on a journey. As Blazej will tell you: This is a love story.


Last Resistance

To watch online:
Wednesday 28 April , 20.00