Q&A with Anrhemse Meisjes

23 April 2021

This year, Arnhemse Meisjes present their new dance film Memories of the Future, to be seen on Sunday 25 of April in a special program of Shorts.



What was the inspiration to create Memories of the Future?

Because of the first lockdown, all our performances of last summer were cancelled. We wanted to find a way to bring the purity of outdoor dance theater into people’s homes, so we decided to make a dance film in an urban outdoor location. The story Memories of the Future is about how we are all connected with each other and how paths from the past and future can intertwine to come together in the here and now. This is a feeling we feel is important to convey, especially in these times.

How did you work together, as a collective and with your collaborators, in the creation process and filming of the Short?

This was the very first time we were going to make a dance film as a collective, so everything was new to us!
Luckily we worked together with cameraman Floris Verweij who already had the necessary experience with dance films. He asked us to write everything out and make a shot list for each scene. As a collective, we came up with the storyline and camera angles for each moment in the film. Because working with a drone is so different from working with a regular camera, we went to try out some shots on location the day before. From above, everything looks so different and we could only see that by trying it out and seeing it again. That rehearsal film day was essential for both us and Floris. In your head you can come up with really cool ideas, but in reality some things just don’t work. Or you find out that something you never could have imagined is actually magical. Shadows that dance, run and jump along, for example!

In this digital age and with the restrictions from the pandemic, what is the importance of dance films for the dance scene? Do they help fill the gap of social distancing between artists and audience?

It is a reality that since a year many artists found in the art of Film a way to express and manifest their artistic needs and bring it to the audience. Thanks to this medium dancers have been able to find visibility. This time visibility means so much more than what it ment until 2020; it has a deeper sense of connection with the world, it is a call to say ‘I am still here, standing strong’. Plainly said, dance film is helping many dancers to be able to work and it is definitely helping them to connect with others and fill in the gap of social distancing. However, we shouldn’t forget that dance film and live dance performance are two different art forms, each one has a specific role for the artist itself and for the audience. So even if dance film is helping us all in this specific moment in time, it will never be able to substitute the experience of a live performance.

What can the audience expect from watching Memories of the Future?

Our intention with this film is to give the audience an experience. We invite the audience to dive into the film with all their senses and allow them selfs to be led and touch by what they see, hear and feel throughout the film. We believe Memories of the Future has a clear line able to take the viewer by the hand into a journey that will be unique to everyone in a light hearted and deep way.


Memories of the Future
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