Q&A with Judith Clijsters

18 April 2021

Judith Clijsters answers few questions about her DIY performance You and Me Anytime Anywhere


What was the inspiration to create You and Me Anytime Anywhere?

I felt a clear urgency to design ways to unite, and also to create a ‘Do It Yourself experience’ was triggering me for a while. I believe strongly that it is very interesting to meet strangers without talking first, but instead to first experience a physical and fun journey together. The conversations after that, will be easier and probably much more personal. The so-called ice is broken, already a memory is created together.

On top of that, a game that allows people to be together, collaborate and connect with one another without words feels precious and important to me. More than ever.

The DIY performance is meant for a small group of four. What would you say would be the best people to experience this with?

At the start of the creation I thought it would be for 4 complete strangers. I still think this would be amazing, but I also noticed it can fit very different variations of people (+10) in a divers context. It is a perfect icebreaker, teambuilding or just fun activity for when you bring your friends/colleagues together who do or don’t really know each other. It is also really nice to do with your close family like parents, sisters, brothers, grand-parents. It is about connecting and collaborating and the only rule is that there always have to be groups of 4 (so you could also do it with 8 people, each in their own group of 4).

What are the elements and tools that the audience will play with?

It is very basic. You need 4 people, 4 chairs, 4 smartphones + earphones, 4 pens, 1 empty notebook and 1 tape measure (rolmeter) and a comfortable space inside or outside. Whenever it suits you*.

You are guided by a storyteller who takes you through this experience, step by step.

*your ticket is valid for 24h*

What would you like the audience/players to take with them, at the end of the experience?

I mostly hope that they had fun, momentes of reflection and that they had some laughs or giggles. The experience aims to let 4 people pleasantly connect with each other and themselves, being live in the same space and timeframe. By participating in You and Me Anytime Anywhere every group creates its own personalized output (spoiler alert) that is leaving a beautiful trace.


You and Me Anytime Anywhere
Please note: this program is only available in Dutch.
premiere, Thursday April 22
and then continuously