Q&A with Ruben Chi

23 April 2021

Ruben Chi is a multifaceted artist and you can see this in the different projects he presents in this year’s festival: the dance performance Solitude, the dance film Moving Sounds and a workshop on freestyle and improvisation.


During this edition of Moving Futures, you will be presenting the performance Solitude. What was the inspiration for this piece?

My inspiration for this piece comes from my own experience. I had to go through a lot of loneliness myself, which gives this piece a big personal twist. I was able to get my strength from it, and it made me realize that everyone goes through some kind of loneliness in their lives. You can also feel lonely with a whole group of people around you. In the end, it’s also about feeling understood.  Loneliness also brings you closer to yourself, you get to know yourself to the deepest level.

Talking about Moving Sounds, the short dance film presented on the 25thof April, what was the experience of filming it and collaborate with the other dancers?

This was a very special process, Moving Sounds is actually a piece you have to experience in real life. The emotions, the sound, the feelings, the connection between music & dance. So it was quite a challenge to get it all on film. We worked on it with a lot of passion and it was very nice for us to finally be able to do something with this production. We had to abruptly stop doing this last year halfway through our rehearsal process because Corona came in and we never finished the piece. The film is a nice consolation on a production that we were not able to finish in 2020, but that we will always carry with us.
Moving Sounds will still resume as a production in the future, I am sure.

On the 29th, we will show the results of your Hip Hop freestyle workshop. What is the importance to teach dance and urban dance, in your opinion? What are the best tools for improvisation?

The best tools for improvisation is the awareness of yourself and your own power.
For me this is also the foundation of Hip Hop: authenticity and finding strength in your own voice.
This is something that is reflected in my work, inspiration and daring to express yourself, without a filter.


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Sunday 25 April, 20.00
including an after talk in studio.x
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