Q&A with Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen

21 April 2021

Interview with Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen on her new piece Cold Hawaii


What was the inspiration to create Cold Hawaii?

There is not one, but many inspirations to Cold Hawaii. I usually don’t work from one idea or from a concept. I follow intuitions of textures, images, sounds, sentences and see where they lead me and then I stay with them for as long as they want me too. I stay until they crystallise into materials that can be put next to each other and they reveal a curtain world or universe of altered meaning. This is also very much how Cold Hawaii came about.

How was the work-in-progress and how did you work with your collaborators? Did the pandemic had an effect on the creation process?

It was a very strange and difficult process. I was to premiere the piece last year, but due to the pandemic, the whole production was postponed one year. To pick up the pieces and try to find meaning when making a work right now has not been easy and trying to find out the best way of premiering online has been challenging. However, working with the people around me like Lora and Ginta making Music and costume has helped a lot. So, it’s not only my work there, but also theirs. They both have their own artistic practices, so it has been important that they could put their work there and not only suit it to what I wanted.

Working with close friends visiting the studio and the people from Dansateliers was helpful as well. It feels important to insist on making art right now and I want to remind my peers and colleagues that I am still here to watch and hear what they are doing, even if it is online. The process was also really beautiful and full of care and sensitivity even when it felt really lonely.

How would you describe this piece in comparison to the rest of your body of work?

 I think Cold Hawaii is very much in line with my other work, especially my last two solos. Previous themes I worked on such as loneliness, the complicated female body and my relation to dance reappear in this work; as well as using movement, voice and sound as my main tools. Yet, in Cold Hawaii I tried to be even more bold in the choice of not having any scenography or props with me on stage.

What can the audience expect before watching Cold Hawaii?

You can expect a myth, a paradox, an esoteric novel, multiple heartbreaks, fiction, feelings, body waves.


Double bill: Last Restistance | Annemijn Rijk & Cold Hawaii | Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen
Watch online:
Wednesday 28 April , 20.00