Let’s go LUX!

26 February 2018

This weekend we travel to LUX Nijmegen (March 1-3). Here we present a three-day program with performances, an exclusieve Cinedans filmprogram, workshops, talks and more.

The opening is dedicated to gender and sexuality. The evening is constructed around the work of choreographers Igor Vrebac, Moreno Perna and Nanna Hanfgarn Jensen & Leon Emil Franzke / NEON Dance collective. They invite you for three edgy performances in which personal and universal themes are put in new perspective.

The Friday in Nijmegen will be an explosive urban-edition. We start off with a workshop by Liza Panjoel, one of the talented dancers part of Alida Dors. Participants will learn a part of the choreography of Alida’s new piece and will bring their new skills on stage during the break. Guilherme Miotto and Joseph Simon & Jonas Frey will show the diversity of hip hop dance with groundbreaking experimental, breakdance and urban contemporary moves. The performance-program is alternated with a musical duet by Annemijn de Rijk.

To seal the deal you will meet makers Connor Schumacher and Hilde Elbers on Saturday night. Connor Schumacher put himself, the dancers and the audience to the test in Transitioning Performance. They are fighting off existing structures, valuesystems and thinking patterns. In an oceanic duet together with dancer Judit Ruiz Onandi Hilde faces the challenge to find out how we can maintain ourselves and merge at the same time. During the break you can join a dialogue about dance and philosophy.

Curious about the program? More info and tickets here.

Want to get a glimpse of the festival? Check out the aftermovie of Moving Futures Festival 2018 in Tilburg here.