Vloeistof challenges the audience’s perceptions of space by using the body as a medium.
The performances focus mainly on human behavior in an urban modern setting, bringing
out absurd, funny, and poetic elements. also vital to the performances are the audience’s
reactions and interactions. The pieces are lived through and experienced rather than
merely watched from the sidelines. as a spectator you become directly involved in the
piece, and your collective experiences contribute to its overall content.

Vloeistof was founded in 2000 by choreographers Anja Reinhardt and Yuri Bongers. Yearly they show 100 performances and interventions at festivals, theaters and in public space.


Nikita Maheshwary

Nikita Maheshwary is a choreographer and performer from New Delhi, India currently based in the Netherlands. Trained in classical Indian dance-theatre form of Kathakali, Post-Modern dance techniques and Improvisation, she holds a master’s degree in Performing Public Space from Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten.

Her inquisitiveness lies in philosophy, culture and politics; while her work investigates socio-political concerns and human nature and, often portrays today’s society. Over the past decade, Nikita has created movement-based work, multimedia exhibits, performance art works, and short dance films.

Apart from being a performer, she works extensively as a teacher, curator and art organizer. She is the resident Creative Director for Natya Ballet Centre, a pioneering institution of dance in New Delhi.

Leïla Ka

Leïla Ka (Frankrijk, 1991) has a background in hip-hop and works together with amongst others the French choreographer Maguy Marin. In 2016 Leïla won the Talents Danse Adami: an award for young dance talents offering them the opportunity to work with renowned choreographers. As a dance maker Leïla combines contemporary dance with theatre. Her first solo Pode Ser has already won several international awards and was on the shortlist for Aerowaves 2019.

Keren Rosenberg & Charlie Prince

Keren Rosenberg is a Middle-Eastern, Amsterdam based performer, maker, movement researcher. Through her works and artistic practice, she seeks to articulate a new physical and social political gaze over the body and the environment it functions in. She collaborates with artists from different disciplines such as photography, film, design, sound and theory which results in multidisciplinary performances. www.kerenrosenberg.com

Born and raised in Lebanon, Charlie Prince (1991), is using the idea of imagining new & different realities in order to subvert the legacies of colonialism. He is currently basedin Amsterdam and supported by apap- Performing Europe 2020. As a performer, Charlie has worked among others with Ballet BC, Cie.Alias, Venice Biennale and with Maqamat Dance Theatre since 2015.

Random Collision & University of Groningen

Notes on Synchrony is a collaboration between Random Collision and University of Groningen. Artistic team: Ido Batash and Matan Zamir. Scientific team: Marieke van Vugt and Debarati Banerjee.

Jesús de Vega & Chai Blaq / Loulou Elisabettie

Jesús de Vega(SP) is a choreographer (guest artist at ICKamsterdam) and performer born in the Canary Islands. Since 2008 he creates and performs his own work nationally and internationally in theatres and dance festivals. His work is inspired by socio-political issues which he dissects and blends with his artistic sensitivity. His work has a touch of entertainment and often refers to the pop culture.

Chai Blaq (NL, CG) Michelle Samba is a singer, songwriter and drummer with a profound love for Asian aesthetics, mysterious folklore and pop-culture, She iis currently on tour as a drummer with NU from Claudia de Breij. The choreographed music album Choreopop is the result of a collaboration with choreographer and performer Jesús de Vega. During the Moving Futures tour, the musical performance will be realised by LouLou Elisabetti.

LouLou Elisabettie (NL) Lounar has grown up between the grand piano of her mother and the double bass of her father. She expresses herself through music and goes through life jamming and free-styling. In 2015 she started doing spoken-word and composing her own songs. She has performed at the Dutch liberation festival (Bevrijdingsfestival) and Noorderzon (Groningen). In the past she performed solo in Simplon, Grand Theater (Groningen), Het Paard in The Hague, De Tolhuistuin and De Parade (Amsterdam).

Lois Alexander

Lois Alexander (VS, 1991) is afgestudeerd aan de Juilliard School in New York. In 2014  verhuisde zij naar Europa en danste voor verschillende choreografen en regisseurs. De solo Fading Fire (2018) was haar debuut als choreograaf en ging in première tijdens You Better Move #4 (Dansmakers Amsterdam).

Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen

Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen (1990, DM) is a choreographer, performer and vocalist. She completed her studies at the SNDO (School for New Dance Development – AHK) and won the Moving Forward Trajectory 2017/1 with Hope & Heavy Metal as the result.

Ingrid Berger Myhre & Lasse Passage

Ingrid Berger Myhre studied at the Laban Centre in London and graduated from Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in 2010. In 2015 she finished her MA in choreography at EX.E.R.CE in CCN, Montpellier. Since 2013 she works with the support of Dansateliers where she created a.o. CURRENT (2013), STAFF (2014) and BLANKS (2017). Language and semiotics are central elements to her artistic work. Departing from text, gesture and the juxtaposition of the two, she proposes cheeky takes on readings and projections of meaning through subtle twists of conventions, context and expectation. In 2015 she received the Arts Council Norway’s grant for graduated Artists. The year after she got nominated for the Council’s Artists Working Grant for the period 2016-2017. Her solo BLANKS was selected for the International platform Aerowaves Twenty18.

Lasse Passage studied classical composition at Griegakademiet (Bergen, NO) and electroacoustic music at the Institute of Sonology Royal Conservatoir in Den Haag (NL). He has been a central feature in the Norwegian performance art scene the last 5 years with his innovative approach to composition and curiousity for the performative aspect of live music.

Ibon Salvador Bikandi

Ibon Salvador (Bilbao, 1980) is a choreographer, performer, collaborative artist and co-founder together with choreographer Luciana Chieregati of Coletivo Qualquer (2008). He has presented his works in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Portugal and Spain. He studied the Master in Scenic Practice and Visual Culture at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía and Universidad Castilla-La Mancha, Madrid, with the project Lecturas Irreparables. He has also trained with Steve Paxton, Lisa Nelson, Idoia Zabaleta, João Fiadeiro, Vera Mantero, Katie Duck, Claudia Dias, Olga Mesa and Bojana Kunts.

In his recent artistic work he investigates with specific choreographic tools and collective learning devices developed in contexts of creation and collaboration. He is interested in problematizing the body that dances and the scenic apparatus in which it is usually (re)presented, this leads him to activate a dialogue with the cinematographic, articulating what he currently calls post-cinema or the body that comes out of the screen to return to the present (of the scene).

Between 2017 and 2018 he creates and presents the choreographic pieces PLAYA, DENTRO and Gestos de Inquietud #3. Presented in different contexts in Spain and Brazil. He is currently developing the cinema-choreographic project It was a large room together with Luciana Chieregati & Camila Téllez (Brazil-Chile) in Bilbao, with whom he is also preparing the second publication of texts on Choreographic Practices and Thought called DARDARISMOA.

Currently Ibon lives in Bilbao, Spain. In 2018-2019 he takes place, next to Joseph Simon in the exchange program for choreographers between Dansateliers in Rotterdam and Azkuna Zentroa in Bilbao.

Joseph Simon

Joseph Simon (France, 1989) got in touch with dancing trough ‘breakdance’. His wide interest led him to explore practices as gymnastics, tricking as well as some basic modern-jazz and ballet. In 2014, he graduated from the ArtEZ School of Dance, Arnhem. Throughout his education, he kept on investigating the relationship between urban and contemporary forms of movement. This ongoing exploration has led him to work with Alida Dors, Jochen Heckmann, Erik Kaiel and Jean-Guillaume Weis and inspires his work as a maker. His collaboration with Dansateliers was established in 2015. Under the umbrella of Dansateliers he developed the concept for Essais sur la danse classique, created the piece Allegory of a night as part of One Night’s Dance 2015, the solo Third Culture Kid (2016) and Infinite Games (2017) together with Jonas Frey.

Dansateliers produced Simon’s first short dance-film Le Faune in 2018 as part of Ballet Fantasties. In this series he connects the traditional world of ballet with personal fascinations and experience and gives the dance-form a new twist.

“The way he merges classical dance and break dance is fabulous. Light, superior and with humor, he moves across the dance floor. […] Simon plays with his own identity. His different roots make him inventive, creative and refreshingly curious.” Maarten Baanders, 2017, Cultureel Persbureau

Rosenberg, Sacharias & Cavalazzi

Keren Rosenberg is a Middle-Eastern, Amsterdam based performer, maker, movement researcher. Through her works and artistic practice, she seeks to articulate a new physical and social political gaze over the body and the environment it functions in. She collaborates with artists from different disciplines such as photography, film, design, sound and theory which results in multidisciplinary performances. 

Tony Markus Sacharias was selected in 2010 as best graduate of The Netherlands for his graduation collection at the fashion department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. His garments were presented at the Amsterdam Fashion Week and featured in Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and Glamcult Magazine. He worked as a men/women-designer for Calvin Klein Jeans. He currently launched his creative agency under the title ‘Studio 10.04’.

Nicola Cavalazzi is content producer, camera regisseur en oprichter van Subframe Media. Opgegroeid in Italië, Amerika en Nieuw-Zeeland heeft hij een fascinatie ontwikkeld voor de mens en zijn omgeving. Dit heeft hem in nieuwe avonturen doen belanden. Hij experimenteert voortdurend met nieuwe technologie om zo krachtige beelden tot leven te wekken.

Judith Clijsters

After her studies at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance (UK) and tours with Phoenix Dance Theater (UK), Judith moved back to Antwerp (BE)  in 2010, where she continued to follow her passion and interest in physical activity and body awareness. She does this through performances, workshops, coaching and her own work.

Picture: Maarten Mellemans.

Heather Ware

Heather Ware has been dancing with LeineRoebana since 2003. As a choreographer she is connected to Podium Bloos in Breda. She was educated in Canada (Royal Winnipeg Ballet School and Toronto Dance Theater) and at the Rotterdam Dance Academy. She has worked with choreographers such as Johnny Schoofs, Celia Grannum and Jennifer Hanna. For her role in 172 suggesties aan een lichaam of LeineRoebana she received the Swan for most impressive dance performance 2010.


Since 2014 The100Hands (Jasper Džuki Jelen and Mojra Vogelnik Škerlj) create interactive dance-performances on location and in theatres. Their physical vocabulary comes from their background in modern dance, partnering, martial arts and architecture. The collective develops physical, tactile and acrobatic works that have a strong connection to the space. Their open and playful attitude is an invitation to the audience to become co-holder of the performance.

The100Hands have performed at International festivals and appeared to be succesful in Belgium, Egypte, Sweden, Denemark and Germany. 25Feet is the first official première of the company in Holland. The performance was previously performed at Festival Cement 2017. The100Hands is supported by PLAN Talentontwikkeling Noord-Brabant.

Connor Schumacher

Connor Schumacher is an associated choreographer of Dansateliers, Rotterdam. With his work he shows to be a great conceiver and creator of never obvious imagery. With a transparent use of objects and compositions and a powerful and bold physicality he brings awareness to the present moment.

Connor first started dancing at Purchase College Conservatory of Dance in New York where he studied composition and performance. He has been developing his career under the umbrella of Dansateliers since 2012. With the support of the house he created Vessel: a portrait of the artist (2012) and Vessel 2: the Church (2013) in collaboration with Joris van Oosterwijk, Boy oh Boy (2013), Boy oh Boy 2: God’s first creature (2014), the performance I trust in this life we will have another moment alone(Performing Gender, 2014), The Fool (2015), Asset, Liability and Equity (2016, part of DANSLOKAAL /Conny Janssen Danst), Exhibition (2017, part of Krisztina’s Keuze 2) and OK Future a surrealistic silent disco for Festival De Parade 2017. He participated in the European project Dancing Museums; a two-year research- and development trajectory (2015-2017) with the purpose to explore new ways of interaction with audiences and got nominated for the Price of the Dutch Dance Days 2017.

“Schumacher’s weird esthetics is unique; plastic, fake and animation are words that pop in mind when seeing his characters.” De Volkskrant, 2017


Sophie Mayeux

Sophie Mayeux studied at ArtEZ Dance Academy Arnhem and Ballet du Nord in France. She creates pieces with an intense and a-typical physicality that is sometimes seen as ‘non-human’. Her hybrid creations are at the borderline between dance and theatre. She is inspired by the boundaries of the ‘real’ body and all the different ways the human body can transform. She explores these processes by researching movement and objects, like rescue blankets, with which se creates fantastic shapes.  In 2016 she won the Choreography Award at the ITs festival for the short version of Die Verwandlung. Sophie Mayeux is choreographer at De Nieuwe Oost, and is accompanied by the Junior Ballet of the company Les Nouveaux Ballets du Nord-Pas de Calais.

Jonas Frey & Joseph Simon

Joseph Simon and Jonas Frey met during their study at the ArtEZ School of Dance in Arnhem. Both makers have a shared passion for ‘breaking’ and combine urban, classical and contemporary movement languages in their work. In 2014 Joseph and Jonas created Je(ux)Tu(e)Torial for Schwindelfrei Festival in Mannheim, Germany. The piece demonstrates the expanding possibilities of online learning. In the duet they investigate their identities as dancers and their existence in relation to others in a digital era. Their new duet Infinite Games had its Dutch première in November 2017. Starting point of the work is the infinite possibilities of a hiphop-battle.

Moreno Perna

Moreno Perna (1989) is een Italiaans performer met Amsterdam als thuisbasis. Hij haalde zijn diploma dans aan de Amsterdam University of the Arts en startte als performer voor Troubleyn/Jan Fabre in 2014. Hij speelt mee in Mount Olympus – to Glorify the Cult of Tragedy en De macht der theaterlijke dwaasheden. Hij werkt ook als nachtclubperformer onder de naam Vortex. In zijn werk focust hij op de research van identiteit als een culturele constructie.

Fernando Belfiore

Choreographer and performance artist Fernando Belfiore (1983, BR) is a graduate and guest teacher at the SNDO, Amsterdam. His performances are intense and poetic, with references from theatre and visual arts. He explores performance art with the body as main medium. In every performance a delicate transformation is fulfilled, often with softness and vulnerability as downside. His work is well received in and abroad the Netherlands and supported by Dansmakers Amsterdam (since 2011).


NEON is a choreographical collective that consists of Nanna Hanfgarn Jensen (DK) & Leon Emil Franzke (DE). The two dancers/makers met at ArtEZ Dance Academy. They started collaborating in 2015, and onwards their work accumulated. Körper | Körper was made during a residency at De Nieuwe Oost and was earlier shown at ITs Festival. NEON takes the audience out of their daily routines and gives them a physical sensory experience. NEON won the Amsterdam Fringe Award 2018 with Körper.

Katja Heitmann

Katja Heitmann (Hamburg, 1987) graduated BA choreography at Fontys Dance Academy (NL) in 2012. She is fascinated by mankind’s struggle to get grip on existence. By creating systems to control our lives, we end up restricting ourselves. Questioning the definition of reality is the red line in her work. From there Katja is continuously exploring new themes, disciplines and performance-formats.

Katja is inspired by the influence of everydays’ digital technologies on society and with that the arising questions about the identity of our human body. She fuses everydays’ technology, the dancers’ body and the presence of the audience into unconventional performances. Who moves who?

Igor Vrebac

Bosnian-Dutch artist Igor Vrebac (1986) has been living in the Netherlands since 1994 where he developed a passion for films and theatre. He studied Theatre-, Film- and TV sciences at the University of Utrecht but was accepted in 2008 at the Mime Academy at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. during his studie he stood out because of his volnurable, organic and impulsive way of performing. This resulted in an internship with the upcoming Norwegian director Øystein Johansen.

In 2013 he created the short theatre solo ‘James’ Dream’ for Over het IJ Festival. He crowdfunded the production ‘Homo Sapiens.’ with which he traveled to ACT Festival in Bilbao where he won the prize for ‘Best Short Performance.’ In September 2016 he won the Dioraphte ‘Best of Amsterdam Fringe’ award with his direction debute “Macho Macho”. After Macho Macho (winner of the Dioraphte Best of Amsterdam Fringe Award 2016) and TRÆNS (selection for Dutch Dance Festival 2018) he concludes his theatrical quest for masculine and feminine behaviour with this tribute to women: HEROES. HEROES is the first production of the Igor Vrebac Foundation in coöperation with De Nieuwe Oost.

Guilherme Miotto

Guilherme Miotto (1979) was born in Brazil and is based in The Netherlands since 1998. He studied dance in Brazil, Russia, Germany and The Netherlands. He worked as a professional dancer with Krisztina de Châtel, Emio Greco / PC, Bruno Listopad amongst others. Guilherme made his debut as a choreographer in 2010 in collaboration with Kristel van Issum with the piece Disorderly Conduct. He was to co create two more performances with Van Issum, Safe Absence and Enchanted Room and the dance film For Tracey. His collaborations with Van Issum were twice awarded, in 2012 with the Magnolia Award and  in2011 with Best Film Award (Cinedans).

In 2012, Miotto joined forces with choreographer Jack Gallagher to co artistically direct the foundation Bodies Anonymous. Miotto realised one professional dance production and two youth/talent development projects whilst at Bodies Anonymous. The production Unpunished’in collaboration with dancer/choreographer Johnny Lloyd and musician/composer Henk Bakker. And the youth/talent development projects Unpunished Youth and Unpunished Gefallen in collaboration with youth centre R-Newt in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

In 2013, Miotto choreographed the pieces: As Gone for the Dansgroep Amsterdam; Gefallen with the support from the production houses (Korzo / Dans Brabant / Podium Bloos / Maas theater & dans); Sluts of Possession in collaboration with choreographer Rosie Kay for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; Minus / Minus 1 for Fricties Festival (Hasselt) and Cement Festival respectively and Viràgom for the Hungarian dance company MU terminal.

In 2015 and 2016, Miotto choreographed Rise Up, Schaun’se mal um die Ecke and In Memory of a Projection with the support from Dans Brabant, Korzo and Podium Bloos. Miotto received the André Gingras Award and The Culture Award from the City of Breda.

Miotto’s choreographies are filled with intentions and deprived from meaning. His work is substantial instead of conceptual. Miotto is always investigating physical intensities and its effects on different dance styles. His pieces are not carriers of messages they are instead vessels of experiences unique to each process and each person involved in those processes.

photo © DansBrabant – Renate Beense

Sandman/Sabine Molenaar

With her company Sandman, Sabine Molenaar creates imaginative performances in which the associative logic of dreams rules. The world she creates is wonderfully unusual, but always recognizable. Sabine develops her performances from a specific state of mind. The body, in which she combines supreme mental, physical and emotional concentration, is her tool and gives her characters and associations profoundness and expressiveness. She connects the concrete and the etheric. The body is the point of departure and compassion: painfully virtuous and mercilessly personal.

Sandman was founded by Sabine Molenaar in 2012 and has it’s base in Brussels. Working cross-disciplinary with performance and film, Sandman produced four physical theatre performances: That’s it (2013), Touch me (2015), Almost Alive (2017) and A Moment (2017 this is a short adjusted version of Almost Alive) and three experimental short dance films: Wish her ill (2012), That’s it (2013) and Kali (2016). The first solo performance, That’s it, won a major award at the ACT festival in Bilbao (SP), as well as the prize for best female talent at the Theater Aan Zee Festival, in Oostende (BE) and a Special Mention award at BeFestival in Birmingham (UK).

Sandman works with Belgian partner Kosmonaut Production and with Dutch partner DansBrabant.

Picture: copyright DansBrabant-Renate Beense.

Hilde Elbers & Heather Ware

Heather Ware and Hilde Elbers are two striking choreographers and dancers in the Dutch dance landscape.

Heather Ware has been dancing with LeineRoebana since 2003. As a choreographer she is connected to Podium Bloos in Breda. She was educated in Canada (Royal Winnipeg Ballet School and Toronto Dance Theater) and at the Rotterdam Dance Academy. She has worked with choreographers such as Johnny Schoofs, Celia Grannum and Jennifer Hanna. For her role in 172 suggesties aan een lichaam of LeineRoebana she received the Swan for most impressive dance performance 2010.

Hilde Elbers we know as sizzling dancer in the work of a.o. Conny Janssen, Itzik Galili and Constanza Macras. The last few years she also makes and dances her own work. As a choreographer she makes radical choices and has an endless fascination for the workings of the human psyche. As a dancer she carries out an intense physicality. With dance developer DansBrabant (NL) Hilde already made The Animated (2014) – an extremely rhythmically duet with Lea Martini), A Manual for Walking (2016)- a loving, confronting solo performance scanning the borders of vulnerability, and Yeah but no but Yeah (2017) – an oceanic duet together with dancer Judit Ruiz Onandi, who also performs next to Hilde in Slippery slopes for golden heels.


photo © DansBrabant – William van der Voort

Annemijn Rijk & Piet Van Dycke

Annemijn Rijk (1993) completed her Bachelor of Choreography at the Fontys Dance Academy in 2016. With the body as a point of reference and as a base for connection, dance is the optimal medium for communication for her. Annemijn her work is both physical as theatrical, causing her work to have multiple layers. Currently she is working as a freelance choreographer with Noord-Brabant as her base.

Piet Van Dycke (Tienen, 1996) graduated as a choreographer in 2018 at Fontys, School of Fine and Performing Arts. During his time at the university he became the recipient of the Jacques de Leeuw award in the performing category. Together with Jonas & Nele Vermeulen he became the founder of the collective dOFt in 2016. Collective dOFt was awarded a cultural prize in December 2017 from the city of Leuven.

Piet Van Dycke and Annemijn Rijk got to know each other at the Fontys Dance Academy. They find each other in their love for fast, acrobatic partner work, taking risks and looking for extremes in movement and image.

Karel Tuytschaever / BARRY

Karel Tuytschaever (°1985) graduates from the Royal Conservatory Antwerp in the Drama, an acting education led by Dora van der Groen. A great importance to him is the interaction between his executive work as a performer, his own research traject and work as a maker and his professorship. His background in drama and dance as well play a key role in this triangle.

In September 2015 BARRY is founded based on the necessity to create an environment where Karel’s hybrid work can be supported, created an spread. As of September 2017, BARRY works under the wings of Makershuis Tilburg.

Taking as it’s leading principle a passion for the body, BARRY shows creations that find a balance between performative and exhibitive work, always acknowledging the auditive and the visual. The resulting hybrid body of works contains (dance) performances, next to installations, theater texts, a publication of research results, and films.

From 2019 on Karel will work intensively in a collaboration with DansBrabant.

Image: copyright Louise De Groef.

Joseph Simon

Joseph Simon (France, 1989) got into dance trough ‘breaking’. His wide interest led him to explore practices as gymnastics, tricking as well as some basic modern-jazz and ballet. In 2014, he graduated from the ArtEZ School of Dance, Arnhem. Throughout his education, he kept on investigating the relationship between urban and contemporary forms of movement. In Dansateliers he developed the concept Essais sur la danse classique, created the piece Allegory of a night as part of One Night’s Dance 2015 and developed the solo Third Culture Kid (2016).

In his work Joseph Simon investigates the relationship between urban, classical and contemporary forms of movement. He creates specific logics of movement based on set rules and restrictions.