Arnhemse Meisjes

Danscollectief Arnhemse Meisjes is a group of professional dancers, based in Arnhem. The members of Arnhemse Meisjes are: Anna Fransen, Aida Guirro Salinas, Yeli Beurskens, Kim Tuerlings and Inbal Abir. They all studied at the ArtEZ Dance Academy and Kim at the AHK in Amsterdam. After graduating they discovered a lack of opportunities for dancers and makers to train, create and a lack of a stage for new work by young makers in the city. Out of this own need, they decided to join forces and work together. From this, Dance Collective Arnhemse Meisjes was born in 2015.

It’s already been five years and they are still actively creating and hosting location performances and organizing various activities in Arnhem. Dance Collective Arnhemse Meisjes offers workshops for professional dancers, Dance Flavours Performance Nights where new young makers get the chance to show their work and host other events in the city. They strive to create a vibrant scene of contemporary dance for professional dancers, makers and audiences in the city.

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