Evangelos Biskas V & Elysia Mc Mullen

Evangelos Biskas V: With his surrealist angle, choreographer and performer Evangelos Biskas V (1994, GR) brings its own color in the dance landscape. In his performances he does a proposal for more openness to the world of dreams, the magical or metaphysical. Evangelos studied dance and choreography (FHK dance). With his graduation performance, he won the Moving Forward Trajectory 2016, with In Search of a Title as a result. Right now he is one of the promising artists of PLAN-new makers.

Elysia Mc Mullen: Performer en choreographer Elysia Mc Mullen (1991, IR) is a graduate of the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg. Her work was shown at international festivals like Mundial, Boulevard and Brocante. ) She takes the audience through different realities, where body and spirit no longer work together.