Guilherme Miotto

Guilherme Miotto (1979) was born in Brazil and is based in The Netherlands since 1998. He studied dance in Brazil, Russia, Germany and The Netherlands. He worked as a professional dancer with Krisztina de Châtel, Emio Greco / PC, Bruno Listopad amongst others. Guilherme made his debut as a choreographer in 2010 in collaboration with Kristel van Issum with the piece Disorderly Conduct. He was to co create two more performances with Van Issum, Safe Absence and Enchanted Room and the dance film For Tracey. His collaborations with Van Issum were twice awarded, in 2012 with the Magnolia Award and  in2011 with Best Film Award (Cinedans).

In 2012, Miotto joined forces with choreographer Jack Gallagher to co artistically direct the foundation Bodies Anonymous. Miotto realised one professional dance production and two youth/talent development projects whilst at Bodies Anonymous. The production Unpunished’in collaboration with dancer/choreographer Johnny Lloyd and musician/composer Henk Bakker. And the youth/talent development projects Unpunished Youth and Unpunished Gefallen in collaboration with youth centre R-Newt in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

In 2013, Miotto choreographed the pieces: As Gone for the Dansgroep Amsterdam; Gefallen with the support from the production houses (Korzo / Dans Brabant / Podium Bloos / Maas theater & dans); Sluts of Possession in collaboration with choreographer Rosie Kay for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; Minus / Minus 1 for Fricties Festival (Hasselt) and Cement Festival respectively and Viràgom for the Hungarian dance company MU terminal.

In 2015 and 2016, Miotto choreographed Rise Up, Schaun’se mal um die Ecke and In Memory of a Projection with the support from Dans Brabant, Korzo and Podium Bloos. Miotto received the André Gingras Award and The Culture Award from the City of Breda.

Miotto’s choreographies are filled with intentions and deprived from meaning. His work is substantial instead of conceptual. Miotto is always investigating physical intensities and its effects on different dance styles. His pieces are not carriers of messages they are instead vessels of experiences unique to each process and each person involved in those processes.

photo © DansBrabant – Renate Beense