Hilde Elbers & Heather Ware

Heather Ware and Hilde Elbers are two striking choreographers and dancers in the Dutch dance landscape.

Heather Ware has been dancing with LeineRoebana since 2003. As a choreographer she is connected to Podium Bloos in Breda. She was educated in Canada (Royal Winnipeg Ballet School and Toronto Dance Theater) and at the Rotterdam Dance Academy. She has worked with choreographers such as Johnny Schoofs, Celia Grannum and Jennifer Hanna. For her role in 172 suggesties aan een lichaam of LeineRoebana she received the Swan for most impressive dance performance 2010.

Hilde Elbers we know as sizzling dancer in the work of a.o. Conny Janssen, Itzik Galili and Constanza Macras. The last few years she also makes and dances her own work. As a choreographer she makes radical choices and has an endless fascination for the workings of the human psyche. As a dancer she carries out an intense physicality. With dance developer DansBrabant (NL) Hilde already made The Animated (2014) – an extremely rhythmically duet with Lea Martini), A Manual for Walking (2016)- a loving, confronting solo performance scanning the borders of vulnerability, and Yeah but no but Yeah (2017) – an oceanic duet together with dancer Judit Ruiz Onandi, who also performs next to Hilde in Slippery slopes for golden heels.


photo © DansBrabant – William van der Voort