Karel Tuytschaever / BARRY

Karel Tuytschaever (°1985) graduates from the Royal Conservatory Antwerp in the Drama, an acting education led by Dora van der Groen. A great importance to him is the interaction between his executive work as a performer, his own research traject and work as a maker and his professorship. His background in drama and dance as well play a key role in this triangle.

In September 2015 BARRY is founded based on the necessity to create an environment where Karel’s hybrid work can be supported, created an spread. As of September 2017, BARRY works under the wings of Makershuis Tilburg.

Taking as it’s leading principle a passion for the body, BARRY shows creations that find a balance between performative and exhibitive work, always acknowledging the auditive and the visual. The resulting hybrid body of works contains (dance) performances, next to installations, theater texts, a publication of research results, and films.

From 2019 on Karel will work intensively in a collaboration with DansBrabant.

Image: copyright Louise De Groef.