Keren Rosenberg

Keren Rosenberg (IL) is an Amsterdam based performative artist, choreographer and the developer of the artistic and physical practice called Body-House. In her work, she researches social-political and queer contexts, arising from her experience with the rave and punk culture. Through her works and artistic practice, she explores physicality that can fuse the boundaries between the body and the environment, between the social skin and the primal body underneath, between man as a social animal and a primitive being.

During Moving Futures Keren shares two parts from her performative series
Going Primal:
Deel 2 – Punk Your Spirit
Deel 3 – Re- Connect
Accompanied by live stream sessions of Body-House prior to both performances, and an additional one on Sun April 25.

Going Primal
If we were to strip away of our social skins, what will we discover underneath?

Going Primal is a physical and ritualistic performative novel by Keren Rosenberg which consists of six chapters of collective performative experiences, that seeks to bring the body back in time, to its primal roots and form: boundless and free.

In a series of six chapters, Keren Rosenberg aims to create cross-disciplinary hybrid performative experiences for her audiences, both in real life and in virtual environments.

The connective element between these chapters is that they all emerge from the same research question: “If we were to be given the possibility to re-create a new space based on everything that we know, what kind of space will it be? Which value system will it hold?”Each of the chapters offer a different experience that reflects on these questions.

Rosenberg plays with the codes and expectations of different social spaces, from nightclub and modern dance theater to rock concert, exhibition space and a virtual rave experience. Rosenberg draws inspiration from her experiences in the punk-rock scene and illegal, outdoor raves in the late 90’s in Israel. Going Primal is influenced by this primal ‘rave’ which arose in the desert. On this journey, she invites soulmate artists of various disciplines and countries to collaborate with her in the creation of transformative universes.

Body-House is the fundament Going Primal is built on. This practice is Rosenberg’s approach and method for movement and choreography. With this physical and artistic practice she unfolds the dialogue between the energy that we hold under our skin and how we share it on the outside. Therefore, she shares Body-House as a physically and playfully guided practice with her performers and public, at the start of a performance as an introduction to what they are going to witness. In this way she encourages participants to reconnect to their own source of energy and bodily vitality through the use of imagery, sensations and inner intuition

In the Press:

“Such a power, such a body, such a stage personality. Rosenberg is amazing to watch: as a man, as a woman and everything in the in-between.” (Volkskrant magazine)

Theaterkrant review of her first chapter: Not On This Earth – The Void of Longing