Marta & Kim

Marta and Kim are a Dutch / Norwegian duo that combines circus and dance. They immerse themselves in human contact, which forms the basis for their partner work. They play with seemingly impossible figures that appeal to the imagination, while never losing sight of the fragility of being human.

Since 2017, the duo has been working under the wings of Dansateliers in Rotterdam. In addition, they collaborate with Dansearena Nord and the Arctic Arts Festival, which gives them strong links with Norway. Their performance ENGEL won the BNG Bank Dance Prize in 2018 and was selected for the prestigious Aerowaves twenty19 festival. The performance has been performed more than seventy times worldwide. In 2019 Marta & amp; Kim nominated for the Prize of the Dutch Dance Days 2019. Together with partners Festival Circolo and Dansateliers, they were awarded a New Makers Scheme for the period 2020-2022.


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Beeld: Paul Sixta