Natalia de Miguel

Natalia de Miguel (1986, ES) was selected by Kristin de Groot (Dansateliers), Olatz de Andrés (choreographer) and Clara Montero (Azkuna Zentroa) to take part in the Residency-program of Azkuna Zentroa and Dansateliers (2017-2018). She studied Audiovisual Communication and Dance in Barcelona and London. She worked for companies like the Caracalla Theatre in Beiroet and Punchdrunk in London. As a choreographer she created The Cut (2010), Exposure (2011), Distorted Frustration of Distant Communication (2012), The Life of the Oaks (2013), White Lies (2016) and One Way Ticket (2017). During the exchange-projeect she develops a dance-installation in which she transforms the physical body into a visual artwork. By approaching the body as a canvas, she researches the ways the audience relates to something that finds itself between a painting and a living figure.