The100Hands is led by Mojra Vogelnik Škerlj and Jasper Džuki Jelen. Working from dance, architecture and psychology, they make physical, interactive performances, in which connection (or lack thereof) is central: connection with yourself, with the other and with the environment. The100Hands is convinced that major issues in the world originate in the relationships between people. On this basis, an ongoing investigation into interpersonal contact is the basis for performances that take all kinds of forms.

In the work of The100Hands, audience and performers meet in a world very similar to what we know. By playing with social and theater codes, questions are asked about interactions that have become so obvious that we can easily overlook their deeper meaning. The audience is given the choice of how they meet the other / the other during the performance. When we all “engage”, we become acquainted with contradictions, different perspectives and new realities.

The100Hands work in a longterm partnership with DansBrabant.

Picture: copyright DansBrabant-William van der Voort.